Et tu, Brute?

Et tu, Brute?

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Even you, Brutus?” Julius Caesar had asked this of Brutus before falling to his death.

Brutus, a Roman senator whom Caesar considered a very close friend, struck the final thrust that sent him to the underworld. Caesar must have died, not of murderous wounds, but of a broken heart. He would have expected not his death but protection by Brutus’ blade.

Just like Julius Caesar, Brutus was consigned to Shakespeare’s pages ages ago; however, Brutus’ shadow  continues to live in the hearts of treacherous men. He goes by many names, and thus, he could not be known until it’s late. His looks may have changed through the years but his traits remain ubiquitous unto this day.



And even if you are not a Caesar, you can be sure that he would behave the way he did before in Rome.

Ambitious, he would discard old friendship for a chance to get a most sought-after position.  In a system where patronage and political expedience rule, merit and fitness are meaningless guides for determining the best choice.

Treacherous, he would kiss you in both cheeks but side with your enemy minutes after. This is a common among politicians. Chameleons and shape-shifters are the natural ornaments of Philippine politics. Desertion among allies is the general rule  and loyalty is not even an exception. Self-interest—economic or political—determines on which side of the equation the weight should fall.

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The mine site of the Claver Mineral Development Corp. operating Surigao del Norte. Photo courtesy of Sec. Lopez’s Facebook page. Courtesy of


Greedy, he would take everything and leave nothing behind if opportunity presents itself. This is typical of leaders who care not if the future generations inherit nothing after aliens are allowed to exploit our natural resources.

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Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation. Narra and Española, Palawan (DENR Photo). Courtesy of


He uses euphemistic terms such as “deregulation”, “liberalization”, and “privatization” as sugar-coats for selling the economy and the national patrimony to aliens and big businesses. He subjugates public institutions to private interest in the guise of austerity and efficiency. He cheers for the coming of foreign investors while speculating on the profits that he will get from the open market. He preaches love for the poor wherever he goes but plunders whatever he can.

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Where the Lumad ceases to fight, the land dies. Mining i.n Caraga. Courtesy of


Devious, he would wait for opportunity to snatch away your lunch box, and sometimes, even your girlfriend while you’re not looking.  He personifies the vilest of creatures. He sits beside you smiling, waiting for a chance to  take away your seat.

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Remember, when somebody stabbed you from behind, try not to shriek in pain. Do not lose your poise. Do not even wonder what hits you. Recall that everything happens for a reason and treachery, well, it happens for the foulest of reasons. Face your assailant as a person of true grit. Remain calm and ask, “Et tu, brute?”


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  1. It’s annoying to slap two-faced people because you’ll be confused which face to slap first. Beware of Brutus but be more cautious not to be a Brutus. No euphemism can ever conceal selfishness in its finest; besides, Karma will give humans what they deserve.

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