Top 10 Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels In The World



  1. Who would know that a tree can become this beautiful? The people should know the importance of trees and how it helps us. I believe that the trees around us can be this beautiful. This shows how beautiful our nature can be. I hope that I can visit these places with my family.

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  2. All the pictures gave me goose bumps. I wish there is a place like these in the Philippines. It would be probably a great tourist spot if there are any. No wonder Philippines can develop beautiful places like these considering that we are gifted by natural resources and spectacular beauty of nature. Like Alyssa, I also want to visit places like these. It would be a perfect place to reflect the beauty of life.

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  3. Just by plainly looking at these pictures of these beautiful places relaxes you. Imagine the comfort and peace one could find while strolling down these tunnels. Places of such beauty should be treasured and treated with respect. We must cultivate and keep the environment safe, so that our future sons and daughters could enjoy the scenes we, and the generations past us, have enjoyed and will enjoy. One can only pray to see this in real life someday. Preferably with that special someone.

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  4. Modern-esque buildings in the city are overrated nowadays. Strolling down a park with beautiful trees lining up everywhere around you can never be replaced by any modern architectures around the world. I remember the time I visited Place Het Loo in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Although it was winter during that time, and the trees are currently leave-less, the feeling of being relaxed while seeing snow-ridden trees will never be forgotten. Its just so sad that people are very much into their phones and gadgets nowadays that they failed to look up an simply enjoy the beautiful scenery that nature gives us.


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