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While some writers claim that writing is its own reward, I think that nobody really writes just for its own sake. Regardless of the kind and quality, writing is always purpose-directed. While one writes for a deeply  personal reason, he also fulfills an unintended purpose: convey ideas for the rest of the world to read.

Writing can become a self-consuming addiction especially for someone who writes for pure sentimental reasons. Sometimes, even student writers feel the urge to strive for higher standard irresistible especially when they  feel confident of their skill already. This explains why writing is considered as an art whose perfection is beyond conquer.

I have written on some social and political issues in the past. Writing about them sometimes feels boring and dragging. It is thus understandable if critics would find those write ups as propaganda or justifications for some emerging new socio-cultural normal. Despite of this, however, the necessity of talking about pressing issues more often cannot be denied. Public discussion keeps them relevant and helps get the attentions of public officials concerned.

Discourse is an everyday thing for most of us. In fact, some may have earned unwittingly a reputation of being a master of discourse because of the hobby to engage  in spirited discussion with their friends and neighbors.

The term discourse evokes many meanings. However, the different constructs it receives from academic and political circles have resulted to confusion about what it really mean. Because of the perplexing connotations that it earned, many people have become anxious about it.

Surprisingly, dictionaries give a much simpler meaning for the term. For instance, the Cambridge online dictionary defines discourse as written or spoken discussion while the Oxford dictionary states it to be a formal discussion of a topic in a speech or writing. Meriam Webster dictionary, meanwhile, listed discourse to mean verbal interchange of ideas.


And thus, we have set the table for spirited discourses. I hope that we will have meaningful discussion on issues and concerns that matter to us as individuals and members of society. At the end of the day, I pray that we will all profit by the exchange of ideas and the display of tolerance and solidarity.



  1. People are unique and sometimes they express their feelings through writing because not all people is able or have the confidence to share their thoughts or stories to others by talking to them. When writing random or something it is really more comfortable than saying it in front of many people because sometime 3 or less people can read it unlike when speaking all your imperfections was being critic but I’m not saying that when writing something there is no criticisms but it is much comfortable. I love reading inspirational and real life experience because I got to know things and able to apply it in my daily life. It is really inspiring that people share stories that can make our life different somehow.

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  2. Those people who write just because it is their hobby might give a lesson to their readers. The experiences that each writer share can be an inspiration to others. Other people are afraid to write because of the criticisms other persons might give but I think we all are making mistakes and one way of coping up with the fear of criticisms is to continue to write and correct their mistakes.

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